Here's a little rundown...

Once you arrive at the Malibu Wines shuttle parking lot, head to the Malibu Wine Hikes booth to meet your guide.  You can find us to the right of the Malibu Wine Safari house.  Your guide will take you through the private estate and vineyard.  Once you've worked up a sweat and thirst for some wine, you'll shuttle over to the Malibu Wines Tasting Room where you'll sip on a flight of 5 different wines from the Saddlerock and Semler labels.  Once your tasting is over, feel free to grab a table or lawn space and continue the good time. We do, however, ask that you give up the designated Wine Hikes table for our next group of hikers.  We are pretty busy these days, so we HIGHLY recommend booking a table directly through Malibu Wines if you plan to stay for a couple hours.  Can't wait for you to come take a hike with us!

What do I need to bring on the hike? 

Save the earth and hydrate at the same time! Don't forget your reusable water bottle.  Extra thirsty? We'll make a stop for filtered water halfway through the hike and provide water during the tasting.  

We're psyched to have you so, also, don't hesitate to bring a smile and a positive attitude :) 

How long is the hike? 

A typical hike, plus the tasting at the end of the hike, last approximately 2 hours depending on your group size and pace.

The hike covers about 2 and a half miles in total, so make sure you have your walking shoes on.

How hard is the hike?

We would classify the hike as easy to moderate.  You'll definitely work up a little sweat but it's nothing too strenuous.

If your group has any concerns about the difficulty or length, please notify us before the hike and we'd be happy to modify your hike for you.  (ONLY APPLIES TO PRIVATE HIKES)

What if we arrive late?

Fashionably late does not apply in this case. It is important that you arrive on time for your hike. We've got a schedule to keep! Please let us know if you are running late so we can make necessary arrangements. 

We HIGHLY recommend arriving AT LEAST 15 MINUTES prior to the tour start time.


What to wear, you ask?

We recommend wearing clothes you would be comfortable doing a light workout in.  Make sure you have proper footwear i.e. tennis shoes, hiking boots. CLOSED-TOED SHOES ARE MANDATORY. This is no stroll; we call it Malibu Wine HIKES for a reason.  

Also, it gets pretty sunny up in the mountains, so a hat is always a good idea.  

Can we stay on the property after the hike?

Hikers are invited to stay at our public tasting room directly across the street from the estate. However, access to the private estate is only allowed during your hike.

Can we bring food?

It's likely you'll work up not only a thirst but also an appetite on your hike.  Once the hike portion of the tour is over we will head to the Malibu Wines Tasting Room where you can bring any food or non-alcoholic beverages you would like.  After the tasting, feel free to grab a table or spot on the grass and enjoy the tasting room for as long we are open!

Want to leave the food up to us? Check out the cheese and cracker baskets we make when you checkout.

Can we bring people under 21?

Yes, individuals under 21 are allowed on the hike portion of the tour.  

However, please note that our hike concludes at the Malibu Wines tasting room, which is 21 and over.

Please make accommodations for any persons under 21 once the hike portion is finished.

PERSONS under 21 are NOT allowed at our tasting room.

The serious stuff...

No smoking or open fire is allowed anywhere on property.

No PETS allowed. Please notify us first if you plan to bring a service animal.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations must be done 48Hrs before scheduled hike. Cancellations done within the 48hr period will be charged 50% of invoice. If cancellation occurs before 48hr period, service fee of $20 will be charged.

RAIN POLICY: Hikes canceled due to Rain may reschedule at no charge.