VW Bus Wine Tour

The VW Bus tour is a fantastic way to experience the ranch and the Malibu area, including nearby wineries. 

This tour is unlike any other, so don’t miss the opportunity to ride in this fun and stylish vehicle and drink wine while the sun shines!

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Classic VW Bus: the way to experience Malibu's Endless Summer

Our fleet of VW busses are available in fun vintage colors—classic teal, bright sunshine yellow and more. These vehicles are known as the “first van” and were once a symbol of protest and counterculture in the 60s and 70s, often transporting marginalized members of society to rallies and polling stations during times of great political and cultural upheaval. 

Then, they became trendy in California because of their usefulness to campers and outdoor enthusiasts, who enjoyed the simple styling and roomy interior that made transporting people and equipment easy.

Now, they have a new purpose– transporting wine lovers at Malibu Wine Tours who are looking to have a fabulous day in Malibu and try some of the most outstanding vintages Malibu has to offer!

Experience Malibu Wineries on our VW bus tour

You and five of your friends or family members will be driven around key areas of Saddlerock Ranch with a stop to taste some delicious beverages before being driven out into the Malibu Canyon, where you will visit another Malibu winery for wine tasting, take pictures by the beach, listen to fun music over the radio of our vintage VW bus, and laugh with a hilarious and passionate tour guide.

The weekend and weekday prices are to charter one bus that fits six people. While on tour, you will have the opportunity to view some of the hidden gems that Saddlerock Ranch offers and taste several delicious beverages that the vineyards of Saddlerock produce, with a cheese charcuterie board included. 

Then, the tour will take off through the Malibu canyons on the roads to visit another nearby winery. Here, you will have the opportunity to participate in tastings, guided by one of the experts who work at the wine bar and have options to purchase additional bottles. 

Finally, your tour guide will take you to a beautiful beach overlook to enjoy another tasting, paired with some delicious chocolate, and take memorable photos by the view. The tour guide is well versed in the area and the history of Malibu and will keep things fun and exciting throughout the tour.

  • Ride in style in a cool, vintage VW Bus, which has kept its classic charm.
  • Taste excellent food and wine both on the property, and at another local winery.
  • Explore Saddlerock Ranch and the surrounding Malibu area.
  • Capture fun and memorable memories and photos at beautiful photo ops on the ranch, at other wineries, and the beach.
  • Listen to your favorite music on the radio, with the ability to plug your phone into the AUX cord and personalize your listening experience.
  • Purchase bonus bottles of wine and tastings to take home or to enjoy on the tour.
  • Sightsee around Malibu, and enjoy the combination of wilderness, beach life and public areas that make Malibu so fabulous.

This tour involves two-to-three stops on the property to enjoy some of Saddlerock Ranch’s best views and most entertaining stops, with an opportunity to eat a cheese and charcuterie board and taste some beverages at our beautiful Garden event space.

Afterward, the tour goes out onto the roads to visit other wineries that will have the option to purchase food, tastings, and bottles of wine. These items are not included in the tour price, and all purchases at other wineries go directly to the wineries themselves.

The tour will conclude after some sightseeing around Malibu and stops to take pictures by the beach or other possible overlooks. 

Meeting times will be on the hour or the half-hour at the check-in cabin at 32111 Mulholland Hwy, Malibu, CA. The check-in cabin is found down the wooden steps in the parking lot. Tours end either in the parking lot where you first arrived or at a location requested by guests and agreed upon by the tour guide, such as at a nearby restaurant. The tour will end approximately three hours after beginning.

No pets allowed.

If the windows are down and the top is open, the VW bus can be WINDY, so dress accordingly.

Bring extra money if you are interested in tastings or wine purchases at other wineries. 

Please arrive 15-20 minutes before the tour begins to allow for unexpected traffic and the time it takes to check-in

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Frequently Asked Questions

The VW Bus Tour will take approximately 3 hours and includes 2-3 stops.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing, closed toed shoes, and bringing a jacket just in case! It is a very windy tour. Also, it gets pretty sunny up in the mountains, so a hat is always a good idea, but make sure it fits tightly so it won’t blow away!

We do not allow guests under 21 on the VW Bus Tour. 

No. Additional tastings must be paid directly to the winery. They are not included but are available for purchase upon arrival.