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If you and your team need a bit of fun to revitalize your bond, celebrate an event, or get to know each other better, you’re in luck! There are lots of great opportunities for group activities in Los Angeles from indoor and outdoor activities to event spaces to foster team building.

With a variety of ideas and options, you are set up to select the LA team-building group activity that will pique the interest of even the most fastidious members of your workplace and ensure that everyone has a fantastic time.

Group activities are a critical way to connect with coworkers in the current age of remote working. In the last few years, companies have been tasked with working even harder to ensure the building of relationships within the workplace.

It can often seem daunting to find the right kinds of group and team building activities that will interest and excite each individual and increase overall morale.

Luckily, there are many options! Whether the organizer is considering something creative and artsy, sporty and outdoorsy, adventurous and engaging, or relaxing and conversational, this list will give you an overview of some of the best group activities in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas to suit the needs of all attendees.

women drinking wine on hike tour

Outdoor Group Activities Around LA

Team-building Exercise in Nature: Wine Hike

Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu boasts several things that will interest many individuals in corporate groups—wine, hiking through a beautiful area, and cute ranch animals! A private wine hike in malibu is a tremendous outdoor team-building group activity in which a company can send employees on a gorgeous guided tour through nature, with the bonus of sipping a bit of wine.

In addition, coworkers will have a chance to meet and converse as they take part in a mild-to-moderate hike while learning about the vineyard, the surrounding nature, and some Malibu history.

There is nothing like being in a natural setting, getting fresh air and sunshine, and bonding with your teammates while walking through a vineyard with lots to look at, not to mention that conversation over wine is always more fun.

Activity Details:

  • Minimum and maximum group size: A minimum of 12 spots are purchased in a private hike, though the group can be smaller. If groups are larger than 20 people, additional tour guides will be assigned to guide the group.
coworkers walking on the beach in malibu

Outdoor Sports and Games at the Beach

A little friendly competition may be the perfect way to get to know who you are working with better, and ocean and beach activities are the quintessential Los Angeles way to go about it!

Many public beaches around the LA area are full of opportunities for building relationships and moving your body.

For our list of top recommended beaches and their pros, check the bottom of our Local Things to Do in Malibu blog.

Volleyball nets for beach volleyball are available at a large number of well-known beaches, such as Surfrider Beach in Malibu, and stand-up paddleboarding is one of the best ways to explore the coves, marinas, and lagoons throughout LA.

Playing games in teams and learning how to play a new sport will allow room for building trust, bonding, and working together entirely differently than a regular day in the office.

coworker's game of beach volleyball

Beach Sport #1

Team Up and Play Volleyball at Malibu Surfrider Beach

A part of the beautiful Malibu Lagoon State Beach, Malibu Surfrider Beach has been a staple of surfer culture in Malibu ever since the filming of popular surfing movies of the 60s there.

This beach is known for its lovely picnic areas, good swimming and fishing, fabulous birdwatching, access to restrooms, and many beach volleyball nets.

Split into teams, learn the game, and play matches against your crew mates!

Activity Details:

  • Address: 23050 & 23200 Pacific Coast Hwy. Malibu, CA. 90265.
  • Cost range: As cheap as $3 in Malibu Lagoon parking lots nearby in the winter, and most expensive being $12 in other lots during the summer near the pier.
  • Minimum and maximum group size: As many people as it takes to split into even volleyball teams! There are multiple volleyball courts to use!
  • Reservations advised: No need. The volleyball nets are on first come, first serve.

Beach Sport #2


One of LA’s current favorite water sports is stand-up paddleboarding, and Paddle Method makes learning and enjoying this activity while bonding with your colleagues easily.

Team building while paddleboarding in Marina Del Rey is the perfect blend of sporty ocean fun and exciting, team-oriented games.

With a customizable schedule of activities, there are several options to choose from to craft the ideal experience for every company, including (depending on weather and time of day) water relay races, paddleboard skill-building, relaxation in the sand, beach games, pictures on the water, and tours of the marina.

Paddle Method is the ideal way to enjoy the fun with your crew mates in the sun. Multiple talented instructors can accommodate larger groups with sufficient notice to make a fabulous day on the beach out of your corporate event.

Activity Details:

  • Cost range: Prices generally start at $75-$85 per person for private group team-building. Beach games such as Bocci Ball, Beach Jenga, Cornhole, and Spike Ball are available for an extra $250.
  • Minimum and maximum group size: Generally, groups of 24 or fewer are perfect for this activity. For larger numbers, reach out to Paddle Method by submitting a contact form at the bottom of this page to check on the availability of instructors.
  • Reservations advised: Reservations are necessary for all private groups.
4x4 vehicle driving on vineyard during wine tour

Adventurous Team Building Activities

For companies looking to give their teammates a bit of a thrill, a team-building adventure tour is an exciting and engaging way to build trust and relationships and have an absolute blast!

For those interested in exploration around a gorgeous 1100-acre vineyard and ranch in Malibu, Malibu Wine Tours offers an off-roading experience that will be memorable for wine lovers and wine beginners alike!

Enjoy being driven through a fun, gorgeous location by a knowledgeable tour guide while tasting samples of the wines of Saddlerock Ranch.

For companies interested in learning about the history of several famous Los Angeles locations, a fun and exciting scavenger hunt may be the best way to do it!

Race around notable local places of interest, such as the Getty Center Museum, Hollywood, and the Santa Monica Pier, while following a trail of clues to unveil the secrets and histories of these hot spots!

Stay active, engage your mind, and answer silly questions with coworkers!

group in 4x4 vehicle on wine tour

Adventure Tour #1

Ride in a 4x4 and Taste Wine on a Malibu Ranch and Vineyard

Climb into several 5-passenger 4×4 vehicles, and a few larger vehicles for much bigger parties, and head into the hills to explore an 1100-acre vineyard. Tour guides can drive these vehicles in tandem to take large groups of guests out for a tour. 

The tour is roughly 2 hours, with five half-bottles of wine and a charcuterie board brought on tour for each vehicle purchased.

On a corporate 4×4 vineyard wine tour, the group will learn about the vineyards and Saddlerock Ranch, take fun pictures, meet adorable animals, and sip delicious wine at different gorgeous tasting spots with mind-blowing views.

Activity Details:

  • Address: 32111 Mulholland Hwy. Malibu, CA. 90265.
  • Cost range: Starting at $400 for a 4×4, $600 for a 7-passenger vehicle, and $700 for the addition of a 9-seater truck.
  • Minimum and maximum group size: No minimum. The maximum is roughly 45, though a few more may be accommodated with the addition of a 7-seater vehicle or a 9-seater truck.
  • Reservations advised: Absolutely. All large private tours must be booked with sufficient notice.
coworkers on scavenger hunt at huntington beach library

Adventure Tour #2

Explore Iconic Los Angeles Attractions with Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts!

A unique way to bond, gain trust, and work together with friends or colleagues is to do an adventurous scavenger hunt throughout an iconic area of Los Angeles!

Watson Adventures offers in-person trivia games, murder mysteries, and amazing scavenger hunts that will get your blood pumping and allow you to tour your choice of The Getty Center Museum, Santa Monica Pier, the Huntington Library, or Hollywood, and downtown LA.

May the best team that finds all the clues and answers all the questions correctly win—all while learning about the area they are hunting through! Virtual scavenger hunts and murder mysteries are also available for teams who wish to do corporate events online.

Activity Details:

  • Address: Depends on where you would like to begin the hunt! Some of the most popular scavenger hunts take place at the Getty Center Museum, on the Santa Monica Pier, or smack-dab in the center of Hollywood!
  • Cost range: Private hunts start at $700.
  • Minimum and maximum group size: No minimum. They have accommodated as many as 500 scavenger hunters in the past. Reach out at to find out if your large group can be accommodated as well.
  • Reservations advised: Reservations are necessary!
Friends having a picnic at the beach

Venues for Outdoor Events and Picnics

Are you looking to rent a gorgeous spot for lunch, drinks, or networking? Ready to meet with your colleagues for the first time or perhaps get together for drinks like you do every year? These outdoor event spaces will provide the opportunity to do exactly that!

Picnicking on the beach in Santa Monica is one of the best ways for your colleagues to get a rustic yet luxurious picnic experience at an ideal location. The beach in Ocean Park is beautiful and the picnic designers make the picnic setting an even more perfect spot to dine, meet, play with, and enjoy the company of your coworkers. 

With many different add-ons for music, food, and activities, the customization potential of Santa Monica Picnic Co. with ensure the best time for all attendees.

Suppose a more Californian-casual elegance is what your company is looking for. In that case, Hotel Erwin’s rooftop bar in Venice is perfect for dinners, boozy brunches and lunches, corporate happy hours, and more! With a 360-degree view of the ocean and delightful cocktails and bites available, any corporate event will shine in the Venice beach sunset, with plenty of room for any company’s event needs.

Outdoor Event Space #1

Upscale Picnic on the Beach with your Team with Santa Monica Picnic Co.

Santa Monica Picnic Co. began its business during the difficult pandemic period during 2020, where they strove to offer quality outdoor service to picnickers in a safe and socially distanced fashion. During this time, they began to amass a collection of amazing companies to ensure the perfect upscale picnic experience.

These companies work with Santa Monica Picnic Co. to provide excellent food, games, music, meditation, and yoga instructors, surfing (and other exciting sports) trainers, and picnic-setting designs to guarantee aesthetically pleasing experiences.

The possibilities are nearly endless!

Sit down to a lovely snack by the sand with your workplace comrades and enjoy the lovely scenery, the music, and whatever add-ons you desire, which includes photographers, DJs or acoustic musicians, sound-bath sessions, games, and more.

Activity Details:

  • Address: The parking lot for the picnic location is Ocean Park is 2701 Barnyard Way, Santa Monica, CA. 90405. You can work with Santa Monica Picnic Co to set up your location.
  • Cost range: Depends on the group size! The prices range from $880 for a 2-hour 10-person picnic to a 40-50 person picnic that costs approximately $3,120. Add-ons such as catering, florals, baked goods, photos, volleyball and surfing lessons, beach games, and yoga are extra. Visit the Santa Monica Picnic Co. website for more information about these additional offerings.
  • Minimum and maximum group size: Small groups can go up to 9 people. Larger groups can be anywhere from 10 to 50, with even more guests able to be accommodated with proper notice and communication with the company.
  • Reservations advised: Reservations are necessary.
LA team building activity

Outdoor Event Space 2:

Enjoy 360-Degree Ocean Views From the Venice Beach Rooftop Lounge at Hotel Erwin

Venice Beach is an eclectic, exciting, and iconic part of Los Angeles.

Hotel Erwin, located directly beside the world-famous Venice Boardwalk, offers corporate event spaces and spaces for large groups on the rooftop, with accommodations for up to 250 guests.

The rooftop bar and lounge will delight guests of all tastes with incredible ocean views, delightful cocktails, extensive wine and beer lists, and delicious food.

In addition, the rooftop offers the perfect location for networking events, corporate meetings with pizzazz, reverse vendor fairs, and company “field trips” with the California casual elegance that Los Angeles is known for.

Hotel Erwin also offers overnight stays; this may be the perfect place for out-of-towners to stay to attend and enjoy events.

Activity Details:

  • Address: 1697 Pacific Avenue. Venice, CA. 90291.
  • Cost range: Cost starts at $500 and increases from there, depending on the number of guests and the event type. Find further information and reach out at to ensure that your event will be perfect!
  • Minimum and maximum group size: Anywhere from 10 to 250 people can be accommodated on the rooftop. Larger groups can be situated in other areas in and around the hotel.
  • Reservations advised: Absolutely! Many different event types can be arranged with appropriate advance notice.
team high five after team building

Indoor Group Activities: Creative and Artistic

Everyone needs a creative outlet from time to time and trying out creative pursuits as a team will help you get to know your group members just a little bit better, especially if your day job does not involve much self-expression.

Laughter, exploring unexpected talents, and having a great time as a group will be just some of the experiences had with these artistic activities.

As a team, try recreating a talented art instructor’s painting as they talk you through it—all with a glass of wine or a delicious snack! Paint & Sip Studio LA will send the instructor and the art supplies to a place of your choice for the perfect artsy party, whether to the office, hotel conference room, or a home.

Artists of all skill levels and abilities will have the opportunity to surprise themselves with unexpected painting prowess!

To impress your colleagues with a practical yet creative and fun activity, try your hand at making one of California’s favorite dishes—sushi! Cozymeal offers many different cooking classes in Los Angeles.

One of the best team-building activities is “Sushi Battle Royale,” where your group will split into teams, learn to create multiple sushi dishes, and compete against the other team to see who can make the most delicious meal!

coworkers painting at wine and paint team building activity

Creative Activity #1

Enjoy a Glass of Wine and Bring Out Your Inner Picasso With Paint & Sip Studio LA

Paint & Sip Studio LA is a traveling company that brings the art studio to you!

Skilled art instructors will come to a location of your choosing, whether to an office space, a home, or a rental area, and set up the perfect place to let your creative side out to play.

When it comes to wine, other beverages, and snacks, it is BYOB and not supplied by the instructor.

Go online and choose one of the many options of paintings to recreate while being taught the paint strokes step-by-step by the art instructor, or add a custom painting for an extra $100!

Enjoy the 2.5-hour artistic process and see your final result. You may unlock a hidden talent!

Activity Details:

  • Address: Office address is 2709 W Avenue 34. Los Angeles, CA. 90065. However, you get to choose the location of the art studio!
  • Cost range: For 15-29 guests: $45 per person. For 30 guests or more: $40 per person. A $50 travel fee will be added to the total price for every 25 or more miles traveled from the office’s 90065 area code.
  • Minimum and maximum group size: For smaller groups, the minimum is 15 people with a 29-guest maximum. For a larger party, 30 people is the minimum, with a negotiable maximum depending on space and availability.
  • Reservations advised: Absolutely. You will be supplying the location, after all!

Creative Activity 2:

Learn How to Craft One of California’s Favorite Dishes with Cozymeal Team Building Classes

It comes as no surprise that sushi is one of the most beloved Southern California dishes, with proximity to the ocean and the influx of delicious, fresh fish and talented sushi chefs who have worked hard to emulate classic Japanese cuisine.

Cozymeal supplies an incredibly diverse array of educational and hands-on experiences involving different types of cuisine from different cultures and cooking styles and the option to rent a private chef for a less hands-on experience.

One of the best team-building options is the “Sushi Battle Royale” class, in which the group will divide into teams and craft several delicious dishes, competing against each other to see who can be the best sushi chef!

A skilled chef will instruct each group through the formation of each course, teaching new skills with patience and professionalism.

Activity Details:

  • Address: The chef’s location is available only upon booking, though it will most likely be located in or near Culver City, Los Angeles.
  • Cost range: $155 per person.
  • Minimum and maximum group size: Minimum group size is 17 guests, and the maximum is generally 30, though more or less could possibly be negotiated depending on space and chef’s preference.
  • Reservations advised: Absolutely.

Additional Indoor Activity

Release your Professional Frustrations in a Rage Room at Rage Ground

Any job can cause some degree of frustration or stress. Whether the cause is deadlines, physical or mental exertion, or demanding customers, you and your coworkers can probably relate in some way to the difficulties you face at the company day in and day out.

A Rage Room is the perfect place to find some relief, and all the better if you find it in the company of those who share your responsibilities!

At Rage Ground, you can make a colorful mess in the paint splatter room or inflict serious destruction on glass and other smashable objects.

You can even rage on some cars in a car smashing session! Baseball bats, golf clubs, hammers, and heavy-metal plumbing will be provided to do the smashing, as well as safety gear to protect yourself from the debris.

Activity Details:

  • Typical time spent: Large groups may book approximately 2-hour sessions. Typically, time-slots per appointment are 45 minutes per group of 15. Groups larger than 15 can split into groups and rotate so that everyone gets a chance for destruction! 
  • Cost: Prices start at $55 per person for rage rooms and $35 per person for the paint splatter rooms.
  • Reservations advised: Definitely. If the group is looking for a private experience, it is necessary.

Planning & Choosing Your Team Building Activity

Planning ahead is essential when organizing a corporate event, especially if activities are scheduled over several days and include several different locations. Whether the group is local to Los Angeles or coming to the city from far away, ensure that everyone attending the event is prepared for the weather and the level of exertion and knows what to expect from the event. Give each company at least an entire month’s notice to be able to plan an appropriately sized and staffed event to please and accommodate everyone attending.

Los Angeles and the surrounding areas have it all, and there is so much to do when it comes to corporate events and team-building!

Hiking, dining, sipping wine, and riding around on Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu are fantastic options for more adventurous corporations.

Paddleboarding or playing beach volleyball provides the ultimate California beach experience for companies full of sporty people who love to stay active.

Staging a luxury beach picnic in Santa Monica, or perhaps an event in a rooftop lounge in Venice with ocean views will delight guests visiting from out of town, as they will never be able to forget a SoCal sunset on a rooftop in Venice or the ocean breeze on the sand in Santa Monica.

To explore and learn the history of the most well-known areas of Los Angeles, partake in a scavenger hunt and team up with some of your colleagues.

Finally, for indoor events, paint and cook with your workplace friends to express your artistic side, or safely smash some objects in a Rage Room to unleash your wild side!

Any of these events will impress, interest, and ensure a fantastic time for everyone within a corporation, especially if experienced as a reward for all the time and effort put into the company. 

Build relationships and trust, and most importantly, have fun!


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