Couple’s Itinerary for a Full-Day Date in Malibu

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There is undoubtedly something romantic about Malibu.

Whether it is the fresh ocean scent that permeates the air, the many delicious restaurants that sit overlooking the sea where diners may catch a gorgeous sunset or a sight of sea life, or the rocky Santa Monica Mountains standing proudly around the town rife with nature to explore, Malibu has a lot to offer by way of scenery, food, and activities.

For anyone looking to make a full-day date or meaningful trip with someone special out of the excursion, this itinerary will outline the perfect date, filled with food and fun in one of the most beautiful towns in Southern California.

Couple’s Itinerary to a Full Day Date in Malibu:

  • Early Morning Activity: 
    • Breakfast/Brunch on the Pier
  • Mid-morning Activity:
    • Sightsee and Sip Tea at The Getty Villa
  • Mid-day Activity:
    • Lunch with an Ocean View
  • Afternoon Activity:
    • Take a Tour of a Vineyard on Saddlerock Ranch
  • Evening Activity:
    • Dinner at a Star-Studded Hot Spot
  • Night Activity:
    • Cheers With Your Date at a Lovely Lounge

There are so many picture-perfect places in Malibu that serve to create the perfect getaway for locals or first-timer-visitors alike. 

Those looking to observe the scenery and post some beautiful pictures on social media will delight in the natural beauty of the many beaches and the mountainous wilderness available to marvel at and hike through.

Foodies will delight in the great, seafood-centric meals, extensive wine lists, and creative cocktails. Adventure lovers will enjoy touring beautiful vineyards, museums, and other awe-inspiring locations to sightsee.

There is something for everyone to discover, whether visitors have been to Malibu many times or are coming to explore the area for the first time. 

This itinerary will give anyone looking to make a meaningful day out of a trip to Malibu, whether for a date, double date, a girl’s-day-out, or just a trip with someone special.

couple and family picture infront of malibu cafe

Early Morning Activity:

Breakfast/Brunch on the Pier

Located on the gorgeous Malibu Sports Fishing Pier, Malibu Farm Restaurant and Malibu Farm Café sit at the start and end of the pier and offer some of the best breakfast and brunch options available in Malibu, and it boasts excellent ocean views at the same time!

Malibu Farm Restaurant serves breakfast until 11:30 am and is a table-service restaurant with a full bar. Malibu Farm Café serves breakfast starting at 9 am on weekdays and 8 am on weekends and serves all day until 4 pm.

The café is significantly more casual than the restaurant, with counter service only and with beer and wine options at the bar. So pick the vibe you prefer to start your day with and take a quick stroll along the pier before you leave!

Restaurant Details:

  • Address: 23000 E Pacific Coast Hwy. Malibu, CA. 90265.
  • Cost Range:
    • Malibu Farm Restaurant: Most dishes are between $20-$40. 
    • Malibu Farm Café: Most dishes are between $15-$20.
  • Parking Information: There is a parking lot beside the pier, which the café and restaurant do not validate, and free parking on Pacific Coast Hwy.
  • Reservations Advised?: No. There are no reservations allowed, except for dinner time at the restaurant.
getty villa courtyard and gardens

Mid-Morning Activity:

Sightsee and Sip Tea at The Getty Villa

For couples excited for a thoughtful, serene mid-morning with lots of romantic photo-ops and much to learn about ancient history and art, The Getty Villa is one of the most aesthetically pleasing places to sightsee in Malibu. This gorgeous museum sits right along the coast.

It primarily showcases ancient Roman and Greek art and architecture, has exciting changing exhibitions on the second floor and has a gorgeous tranquil garden with a reflecting pool that is just begging to have some idyllic pictures taken within.

For an extra touch of elegance and romance during the date, “Garden Tea” is held on Thursdays and Saturdays from 1-3 pm with delicious tea and cute snacks such as finger sandwiches and desserts for purchase to whet your appetite. Reservations are required.

Activity Details:

  • Address: 17985 E Pacific Coast Hwy. Pacific Palisades, CA. 90272.
  • Typical Time Spent: Approximately 2 hours, though much more time can be spent.
  • Cost: Admission to the museum is free. Garden Tea is $49 per person.
  • Reservations Advised?: Absolutely. Entry time should be reserved before arrival. Garden Tea will need to be reserved separately.

Afternoon Activity:

Lunch with Oceanview at Geoffrey's

On a beautiful deck with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean below, guests can enjoy some of the best-known cuisine in town at Geoffrey’s. Geoffrey’s is an iconic restaurant that is a must-see for those visiting Malibu.

The décor and the view are gorgeous, the food is delicious, and the convivial atmosphere will make any couple feel at home as they enjoy a diverse selection of lunch options.

Executive Chef Bijan Shokatfard was hand-picked by the current restaurant owner, Jeff Peterson, because of his passion for pleasantly surprising diners with his unique ingredients to create exciting and artistic dishes. Though guests often come for the beauty of the location, they certainly stay for the meals at Geoffrey’s!

Restaurant Details:

  • Address: 27400 Pacific Coast Hwy. Malibu, CA. 90265.
  • Cost Range: Each lunch entree price range is roughly $25-$45, and a 4% surcharge with tax is added to all guest checks to support the staff.
  • Parking Information: A valet is available, with the valet charge added to the check. There is also free parking on PCH.
  • Reservations Advised?: Definitely! This is a location that is known to get busy!
couple looking out at saddlerock vineyard

Evening Activity:


Next, couples will surely be looking for something adventurous to do, so why not indulge in some wine and learn about one of the largest vineyards in Malibu while hiking or being driven around a historic property? Malibu Wine Hikes invites guests to take part in approximately 2-hour-long tours around the beautiful Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu, where guests can choose between a hike or a vehicle tour.

The wine hike is mild-to-moderate with only small gains and losses in elevation, making the hike available to almost anyone of any age or physical ability. However, for those who want a bit more wine and a bit less walking, vehicle tours such as the 4×4 offroading vineyard tour are available to everyone 21 and older.

Throughout the tours, guests will learn about the history of the property and the Semler family that owns it, trek through a vineyard surrounded by the towering Santa Monica Mountains, take show-stopping pictures at fun photo-ops, see cute and lively animals and enjoy a bit of wine!

Activity details:

  • Address: 32111 Mulholland Hwy. Malibu, CA. 90265.
  • Typical time spent: Approximately 2 hours for most tours and 3 hours for VW Bus Tours.
  • Cost: $49 per person for the hike, $400-$700 per vehicle for a 4×4 or truck tour, depending on the number of guests, and $600-$625 per vehicle for the VW Bus Tour.
  • Reservations Advised?: Yes, definitely! Walk-ins are never guaranteed a tour.

Night Activity:

Dinner at a Star-Studded Hot Spot

For couples looking to see-and-be-seen, or perhaps spot a celebrity or two, Nobu is the unofficially official restaurant of Malibu. It’s a famous Malibu classic and relatively pricey, thus somewhere that will certainly impress a special someone.

Nobu has a great view of the ocean and is known for its mind-blowing sushi, made famous by the celebrity chef and restaurateur Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa, who was encouraged to open the restaurant by Robert De Niro himself! No wonder this is a celebrity hot spot.

The menu may be almost solely seafood, but some red meat and vegetarian options are also available. The décor is trendy and beautiful, and this is undoubtedly the place where you would want to take a selfie or two with your beau.

Restaurant details:

  • Address: 22706 Pacific Coast Hwy. Malibu, CA. 90265.
  • Cost Range: Most cold dishes cost $20-$50, and most entrees cost $30-$60. Furthermore, some other premium dishes come with upscale prices.
  • Parking Information: Valet parking is available; there is street parking on PCH and a parking lot beside the restaurant.
  • Reservations Advised?: Yes! There is even a waitlist for currently unavailable reservations. It can be several hours just to wait for a spot at the bar as a walk-in.
couples cocktail at malibu lounge

Night Activity:

Cheers With Your Date at a Lovely Lounge

To celebrate a beautiful day well spent, Moonshadows has a great bar and lounge area to enjoy a few cocktails and make eyes at your date.

On Saturday nights, the Blue Lounge in the bar area becomes a great nightspot with DJs and a lively atmosphere on the patio, situated directly beside the water.

Every other night boasts a laid-back lounge to sip a nightcap and discuss the fabulous day that has just finished unfolding. The cocktail, sake, beer, and wine lists are extensive, and anyone is sure to find something that fits their taste on each area of the menu.

Activity details:

  • Address: 20356 Pacific Coast Hwy. Malibu, CA. 90265.
  • Typical time spent: 1-2 hours.
  • Cost: Most cocktails are approximately $16. On average, beer generally runs around $10, while glasses of wine cost around $16-$20. Bottles of wine and sake are generally upscale prices.
  • Reservations Advised?: Walk-ins are welcome in the bar/lounge area. For dinner or larger parties, reservations are advised, however.

Mix and match activities in this guide or use it as your itinerary for your next day in Malibu. Experience some of Malibu’s unique things to do and finest restaurants with a partner, best friend, beloved parent, or anyone else you want to take on a special fun-filled day in Malibu.


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